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Lance Blust

 I've been a Northern California artist for the past decade. I'm self taught and have studied under many local artist. I work and have worked with many media's since childhood, but i'm drawn towards oil and acrylic medieums do to the reminder of the endless beauty that comes throught it's creation. I am filled with a sense of inner peace, a spiritual trasformation throught my art work. For me, it's a consciousness and relationship that brings a understanding, experience, foucus and presence to my life.

 Art is a mystical subject. I become familiar with my mystical nature throught my art and when doing so, my boundaries expand. I endure into a new domain of awareness. I begin a piece by chosing the title first, so I have a sense of direction. Natural lighting and mirrors add an element as I work with colors and seeing them through differnt eyes. Building up texture and patternes with colors that make spaces come alive. Colors that work with a myriad of differnt colors. I get a sense of energetic pleasure and fullifillment when a piece comes out really well. I hope veiwers have the same passion for art as I do, and enjoy my work as well. Art for me is a way of expression as it complements life.

THANK YOU to all the amazing people who BUY ORIGINAL ARTWORKS FROM CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS!! you own something not only beautiful, but also absolutely unique, no one else in the world has it! encourage LOCAL artists in your area, because original artwork is something that you can cherish and enjoy forever, and your children and grand-children after you. You never could be an incredibly good investment


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